Monday, February 25, 2013

California Part 1

In August we were fortunate to get to go back to California again. Robert's work took him out there and we went and joined him. My brother was very sweet and coordinated his wedding to the time we would already be out there. Georgia and I flew out a few days early and spent some time in southern Cali with some of my friends. I did not get a picture of us with my friend Meagan :( All of these pictures came up in the reverse order so I apologize. It was a fun time in southern Cali and fun with the family at the wedding. I always feel that I do not get to see my family enough at weddings, especially if I am in the wedding. The little bit was still fun.

Georgia was the first one out on the dance floor. I love that one of the band guys is video taping her too.
Dancing with Gigi
When I was trying to pack up the next day, Georgia decided that she was going to unpack my underwear and put on every piece. They were clean, don't worry.
Feeding Uncle Brian and Aunt Keeley goldfish.

Following the band
The only picture I have of the wedding. Robert had the camera. He had to leave the wedding because Georgia wanted me to hold her the whole time and I couldn't.

Cute cousins.
Emma is in the background.
snacking before the wedding
We all got ready together for the wedding. We also printed out the programs and tied bows. There were many problems that happened with the programs. I was stressing out, but Keeley was calm about all of it.

Keeley getting ready for the wedding.
Up way passed her bed time, but was a good sport. Loved her flower girl bear that she got from Uncle Brian and Aunt Keeley
Cousin loving
Our last morning in SoCal Georgia and I went to a local beach. It was pretty cold. Georgia had a love/hate relationship with the sand. 

Visiting Gina

Me, Kari, and Brandi (old roommates)
Playdate with Brandi and Kari's kids
Before we left we spent a couple of days with Gigi and Bopa. Bopa made this rocking horse for the grandkids.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bachelorette Party

This past August my middle brother Brian got married!! I was so excited and honored to get to be part of their wedding. I flew out to California for the bachelorette party. It was nice to get to spend some more time with Keeley and get to know her a little better. It was a fun weekend hanging out with all her friends. We went to a blowout bar and got our hair and makeup down before the day started. Then we rented a limo and went to wine country. It was fun even though I was pregnant and couldn't drink. I am not the biggest wine drinker anyways.
 Keeley getting her hair done at the blowout bar
 Blowout bar. I don't think we have these in Huntsville yet. I don't know if we will either. Apparently they are huge in California and people go get their hair done before work. I am a ponytail type of girl myself.
 fun ride in the limo. Keeley's sister Clair (back left) made a cd for the limo ride consisting mainly of Disney songs. I knew I liked this girl.

 Keeley and me
 Wine tasting !!

Bridesmaid lunch the next moring

Miller Time

This past July my brother and his family planned a trip to Disney World with my sister-in-law's family. My older nephew and niece were great ages for this 5 and 3. I personally thought that my youngest nephew was a little young (being 1) and would make the experience a little harder. I volunteered to watch him for their trip. When I volunteered this I did not know that Robert would be gone on a work trip and that I would be in my first trimester of a rough pregnancy. It ended up being a great time, but I was exhausted. Miller is a very energetic little boy. He is 2 months younger than Georgia, but has double the amount of energy and was into everything since it was new.
We had lots of fun and went to a free concert in the park, the farmer's market for fresh doughnuts, walks, the park, and the YMCA. They had so much fun with each other. I ended up getting food poisoning the night Miller left. I am so thankful that it was once he was gone.
When we went to the airport to meet Sharon (my sis-in-law) Miller was hesitant to run up to her. It was funny to me, but I know Sharon wished her baby would have run to her with open arms. It made me feel good to know that he had fun with me.

 What a beautiful child
My brother's family doesn't have any pets. Miller was so excited to see Lorelai. He would not leave her alone and she is not a nice cat. I had to lock her in my room because I was afraid that Miller would catch her and she would attack him.
 Fun cousin time
 Georgia will really hate me later for how many bath pictures I post and how many baths I made her take with other kids

 They both loved to swing
Who wouldn't love that face. Miller is such a sweet little boy and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to spend some special time with him. Colorado is too far. Sharon you are welcome to send any of your precious angels here anytime.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lake House

This summer Robert and I were very fortunate to get to go to my parents lake house a lot. We spent weekends just with the family and other we got to have friends come with us. Memorial weekend is typically hot weather but the water is still cold. This particular year was soooo cold. We never once got in the water. We set up baby pools for the girls but the water was so cold. I put multiple pots of water on the stove and boiled water so it would be warm enough for them. They had so much fun together for the whole weekend. 

 Besties in their matching outfits
 Matt, Kristi and Molly
 My parents
 Babies having fun in the pool

 I can't believe I got this picture. Too cool.
 Georgia and Bopa
On Father's day weekend we went to the lake to spend family time and see my brother.
 Bopa walking with Georgia. This is to model a cute picture of my grandfather and me
 Brian and Keeley brought this back from Hawaii for Georgia. How cute!!
 Chilling with Uncle Brian
 Georgia's first tubing experience. It did not go well. She screamed so much that we didn't stay on it long.

 Playing with Uncle Brian
 Cute, but not as good as Molly's picture
Robert had a few of his college buddies come down with their kids. Unfortunately Jason's wife couldn't come because their other son got sick

 Robert and Jason with kids
 Georgia and Collin in a bath. She is going to kill me later because I put her in the bath with soo many people. I think it is cute.
 Suzanna, Dave, and Addison
 Collin loved playing in the boat but hated going for a ride because he had to wear a life vest and stay seated. He had so much fun pretending to drive and honking the horn. He also had an obsession with keys. We were constantly looking for the boat keys because he would take them and play with them.
 Reliving college days
 Pretty successful day
 Georgia loves sunscreen. She loves to carry the bottles around and for me to put it on. She still finds the bottles and carries them around
We also got to have a weekend with our small group. We had a lot of fun and the kids all love to be with each other. I just wish I had gotten more pictures
 All the kids together in bed. Sawyer, Autumn, Wilks, and Georgia
Another bath picture with Autumn